About the Project(s)

Portions of Work in Progress were created for various assignments in my art classes. Here you will find supplemental information related to those assignments.

Interface Design III

Apples and Oranges: an agendAless prOp was my main project for my third semester of Interface Design.

Project Proposal
Creative Brief
Research paper: "Welcome to Me!": Homestar Runner as a Template for Self-Publishing

BFA Thesis Project

Chapter 1 of Work in Progress was my thesis project for the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Idaho. It was supplemented with a written thesis on the idiosyncrasies of webcomics in general, and the "infinite canvas" style in particular.

My thesis:
No Borders, No Limits: the Infinite Canvas as a Storytelling Tool in Online Comics

The artistic portion of my thesis was presented at UnExposed! in Ridenbaugh Gallery, April 8-15, 2005. Below is a small selection of photographs from the gallery opening on Friday, April 8. Thanks to my uncle, Ben Shedd, for taking these photos.

All dressed and ready for the opening of the BFA show. I and the other Graphic Design majors shared the west room of the gallery. This is the view as you enter the room, with my display directly in front.
Part 1 of "The White Room" was presented in print form on the gallery wall. (The panels are mounted on foam-core, the trails are black ribbon.) Next to the wall presentation were two old Macintosh G3s displaying the web version of the comic.
My mom and dad reading through the comic on the wall. This should give you a good sense of the scale of this exhibit. Two UI art teachers, Byron Clercx (left) and Iván Casteñeda, check out the website.
Discussing techniques with Ray from Lewis-Clark State College. Posing with Jill Dacey, who teaches the BFA class and rode my butt to get the comic finished.

Tech Specs for "The White Room"

Dual 1.8Ghz Processor G5

CanoScan LiDE 30

Mac OS X "Panther" v10.3.8
Adobe Photoshop CS v8.0
Adobe ImageReady CSv8.0
Adobe Illustrator CS v11.0.0
Adobe GoLive CS v7.0.2
Taco HTML Edit v1.7.0
ScanGear CS v7.0.1X


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