About the Characters

Lynn DeMarco has always been an outsider, either by chance or by choice. When her dorm-mates are planning parties or talking about their boyfriends, Lynn is off watching cartoons, reading Sandman, or grooving to the Beatles. She feels that she can't relate to the people around her, and usually doesn't even try. Underneath her perpetually sullen demeanor is a lonely young woman who just doesn't know how to open up to people.

David Lee has been Lynn's best friend since elementary school, where they banded together as "partners in geekdom." However, while Lynn is embarrassed about her outsider status, Dave revels in it. He's always working on some complicated technical gadget or scientific theory, and will explain it to you at length if you happen to be within earshot. Unfortunately, he tends to forget that not everyone is as hyped up about high technology as he is.

Christopher Green is Dave's roommate at college. He's almost as geeky as Dave, but tends to bypass hard science in favor of the "gee whiz that's cool" factor. Beyond that, not much is known about him yet.

Virgil is a low-level AI built into Yumeji, designed to help new users get a feel for the interface and to put a friendly face on the more abstract technical aspects of the VR environment. Unfortunately, since this is a prerelease version, he's missing a few key features...such as an "off" switch. Virgil is essentially a high-tech version of the MS Office paper clip: he gets in the way when you're trying to work, and he's next to useless when you actually need help with something.

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