About the Comic

Work in Progress begins in the near future, on the campus of a medium-sized college town in the Pacific Northwest. Lynn DeMarco, a thoroughly bored first-year student, is "volunteered" for a beta-testing project by her old friend and die-hard geek David Lee. The subject of the test is Yumeji, the first ever total-immersion virtual reality environment. Within the world of Yumeji, you can be anyone, go anywhere, do anything you desire.

At least, you should be able to once they're finished with it. As it is, the virtual world doesn't have much to offer beyond a few sample environments and a "helper" AI that rarely shuts up.

But there is a silver lining: in addition to the sample environments, the beta testers are given the tools with which to construct new environments. They have the opportunity to not only explore the virtual world, but to build it from the inside out.

Over the course of the following weeks, months, and years, Lynn and David build new environments, meet other testers from around the globe, and push the limits of what virtual reality is capable of--and at the same time, what the real world is capable of.

Work in Progress is about art and artists, the relationship between creator and creation, and the applications (and implications) of new technology. It's also about a group of intelligent young men and women interacting in neutral territory and just muddling through life in general. I hope you enjoy it.

--Alycia Shedd

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